Never underestimate how important you are.
We are all equally valuable. No one is better than anyone else. We all have different characteristics and different skills. Someone may have better skills than another in a particular area, however, that does not change the value of each individual. We are all part of the human race. We are in this life together, trying to improve and accomplish good things. I remember the story told by Viktor E Frankl in his book “From Death-Camp to Existentialism“. He was a Jew in a Nazi prison camp. It was a miserable place. He experienced horrible things and was cruelly treated by Nazi guards. However, he decided that rather than have negative thoughts about the soldiers, that he would choose to love them. This changed his experience dramatically and gave him the strength to endure the hard labor and torture. What a remarkable achievement. Despite his every right to be angry with his enemies, he chose to love them. He truly understood that everyone is important. LET’S BE CLEAR, this certainly does NOT justify the actions of those who deliberately harmed, tortured, and killed Nazi labor camp residents. What happened is that Viktor Frankl was able to live in greater peace by choosing love over anger.
You are so valuable and have more capacity than you probably know. Choose to be kind. Choose to love rather than to hate. In saying this, don’t let others take advantage of you. Protect yourself. Just remember, that whatever circumstances you may be in, you can choose your attitude, and by so doing, greatly improve your emotional state. You can be happy wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Start now, if you haven’t already, by thinking of someone you know personally and are having difficulty getting along with. Start thinking good thoughts about this person and ways that you might be able to help them, if possible.
Again, don’t let others harm you. Protect yourself with positivity by choosing to love. And never, never forget how important you are.


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