Fire, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Includes Special Offers, Black

I had this interesting experience about a year ago. I just wanted to share it here:

“I have a little tablet PC. I use it primarily for reading words, sentences, books, and other legibly organized alphanumeric English characters. The tablet has saved me a lot of time, space, and money.
Anyway, I woke up two days ago and saw 3 long, daddy long legs spider cracks across the touch screen, which have rendered it unusable. I have a few ideas, but no definitive conclusions, about the source of the damage. The cracks seem to have originated near the side of the tablet where the internal speaker is located. Perhaps, I had the volume turned up too loud. (I am 40 years old and my vestibulocochlear nerve, also known as the acoustic nerve, does not operate at its previous zenith-like level.)
I am shipping the tablet to some kind of repair depot for a free fix since my original purchase included the “undesirable molecular deviation” plan, otherwise known as accidental damage insurance.
On a standard sized piece of paper inside the box that was provided to me for shipping, there’s a QA type of question asking how to reproduce the problem. My hand written reply was simply, “Go to sleep. Wake up. Observe broken tablet.”
Whatever the case, I hope the tablet can be repaired soon so that I can return to my librarian like posture and resume my curiosity driven acquisition of knowledge.
Ouch. Carpal tunnel. Cease typing. The end.”