Algebra (Page 10)

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10. There are 120 pigeons in three flocks. In the second there are three times
as many as in the first, and in the third as many as in the first and second
combined. How many pigeons in each flock?

11. Divide 209 into three parts so that the ¯rst part shall be ¯ve times the
second, and the second three times the third.

12. Three men, A, B, and C, earned $110; A earned four times as much as B,
and C as much as both A and B. How much did each earn?

13. A farmer bought a horse, a cow, and a calf for $72; the cow cost twice as
much as the calf, and the horse three times as much as the cow. What
was the cost of each?

14. A cistern, containing 1200 gallons of water, is emptied by two pipes in two
hours. One pipe discharges three times as many gallons per hour as the
other. How many gallons does each pipe discharge in an hour?

15. A butcher bought a cow and a lamb, paying six times as much for the cow
as for the lamb, and the difference of the prices was $25. How much did
he pay for each?

16. A grocer sold one pound of tea and two pounds of coffee for $1.50, and
the price of the tea per pound was three times that of the coffee. What
was the price of each?

17. By will Mrs. Cabot was to receive ¯ve times as much as her son Henry. If
Henry received $20,000 less than his mother, how much did each receive?

Exercise 3.

Illustrative Example. Divide the number 126 into two parts such that one part
is 8 more than the other.


Let x=less part,
x + 8=greater part.
x + x + 8=126
2x + 8=126
x + 8=67

The parts are 59 and 67.

1. In a class of 35 pupils there are 7 more girls than boys. How many are
there of each?

1Where in arithmetic did you learn the principle applied in transposing the 8?


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