Algebra (Page 11)

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2. The sum of the ages of two brothers is 43 years, and one of them is 15
years older than the other. Find their ages.

3. At an election in which 1079 votes were cast the successful candidate had
a majority of 95. How many votes did each of the two candidates receive?

4. Divide the number 70 into two parts, such that one part shall be 26 less
than the other part.

5. John and Henry together have 143 marbles. If I should give Henry 15
more, he would have just as many as John. How many has each?

6. In a storehouse containing 57 barrels there are 3 less barrels of °our than
of meal. How many of each?

7. A man whose herd of cows numbered 63 had 17 more Jerseys than Hol-
steins. How many had he of each?

8. Two men whose wages di®er by 8 dollars receive both together $44 per
month. How much does each receive?

9. Find two numbers whose sum is 99 and whose di®erence is 19.

10. The sum of three numbers is 56; the second is 3 more than the ¯rst, and
the third 5 more than the ¯rst. What are the numbers?

11. Divide 62 into three parts such that the ¯rst part is 4 more than the
second, and the third 7 more than the second.

12. Three men together received $34,200; if the second received $1500 more
than the ¯rst, and the third $1200 more than the second, how much did
each receive?

13. Divide 65 into three parts such that the second part is 17 more than the
¯rst part, and the third 15 less than the ¯rst.

14. A man had 95 sheep in three °ocks. In the ¯rst °ock there were 23 more
than in the second, and in the third °ock 12 less than in the second. How
many sheep in each °ock?

15. In an election, in which 1073 ballots were cast, Mr. A receives 97 votes
less than Mr. B, and Mr. C 120 votes more than Mr. B. How many votes
did each receive?

16. A man owns three farms. In the ¯rst there are 5 acres more than in the
second and 7 acres less than in the third. If there are 53 acres in all the
farms together, how many acres are there in each farm?

17. Divide 111 into three parts so that the ¯rst part shall be 16 more than
the second and 19 less than the third.

18. Three ¯rms lost $118,000 by ¯re. The second ¯rm lost $6000 less than the
¯rst and $20,000 more than the third. What was each ¯rm’s loss?


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