Algebra (Page 15)

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9. A man bought 3 lamps and 2 vases for $6. If a vase cost 50 cents less than
2 lamps, what was the price of each?

10. I sold three houses, of equal value, and a barn for $16,800. If the barn
brought $1200 less than a house, what was the price of each?

11. Five lots, two of one size and three of another, aggregate 63,000 feet. Each
of the two is 1500 feet larger than each of the three. What is the size of
the lots?

12. Four pumps, two of one size and two of another, can pump 106 gallons per
minute. If the smaller pumps 5 gallons less per minute than the larger,
how much does each pump per minute?

13. Johnson and May enter into a partnership in which Johnson’s interest is
four times as great as May’s. Johnson’s pro¯t was $4500 more than May’s
pro¯t. What was the pro¯t of each?

14. Three electric cars are carrying 79 persons. In the ¯rst car there are 17
more people than in the second and 15 less than in the third. How many
persons in each car?

15. Divide 71 into three parts so that the second part shall be 5 more than
four times the ¯rst part, and the third part three times the second.

16. I bought a certain number of barrels of apples and three times as many
boxes of oranges for $33. I paid $2 a barrel for the apples, and $3 a box
for the oranges. How many of each did I buy?

17. Divide the number 288 into three parts, so that the third part shall be
twice the second, and the second ¯ve times the ¯rst.

18. Find two numbers whose sum is 216 and whose di®erence is 48.

Exercise 6.

Illustrative Example. What number added to twice itself and 40 more will
make a sum equal to eight times the number?


Let x = the number.
x + 2x + 40 = 8x
3x + 40 = 8x
40 = 5x
8 = x

The number is 8.

1. What number, being increased by 36, will be equal to ten times itself?


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