Algebra (Page 20)

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15. A grocer sold 62 pounds of tea, coffee, and cocoa. Of tea he sold 2 pounds
more than of coffee, and of cocoa 4 pounds more than of tea. How many
pounds of each did he sell?

16. Three houses are together worth six times as much as the first house, the
second is worth twice as much as the first, and the third is worth $7500.
How much is each worth?

17. John has one-ninth as much money as Peter, but if his father should give
him 72 cents, he would have just the same as Peter. How much money
has each boy?

18. Mr. James lost two-fifteenths of his property in speculation, and three-
eighths by fire. If his loss was $6100, what was his property worth?

Exercise 9.

1. Divide the number 56 into two parts, such that one part is three-fifths of
the other.

2. If the sum of two numbers is 42, and one is three-fourths of the other,
what are the numbers?

3. The village of C—- is situated directly between two cities 72 miles apart,
in such a way that it is five-sevenths as far from one city as from the other.
How far is it from each city?

4. A son is five-ninths as old as his father. If the sum of their ages is 84
years, how old is each?

5. Two boys picked 26 boxes of strawberries. If John picked five-eighths as
many as Henry, how many boxes did each pick?

6. A man received 60-1/2 tons of coal in two carloads, one load being five-
sixths as large as the other. How many tons in each carload?

7. John is seven-eighths as old as James, and the sum of their ages is 60
years. How old is each?

8. Two men invest $1625 in business, one putting in five-eighths as much as
the other. How much did each invest?

9. In a school containing 420 pupils, there are three-fourths as many boys as
girls. How many are there of each?

10. A man bought a lot of lemons for $5; for one-third he paid 4 cents apiece,
and for the rest 3 cents apiece. How many lemons did he buy?


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