Algebra (Page 22)

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ILLUS. 3. If John has x marbles, and his brother gives him 5
marbles, how many has he?

ILLUS. 4. If Mary has x dolls, and her mother gives her y
dolls, how many has she?

Addition is expressed by coefficient and by sign plus(+).
When use the coefficient? When the sign?

Exercise 10.

1. Charles walked x miles and rode 9 miles. How far did he go?

2. A merchant bought a barrels of sugar and p barrels of molasses. How
many barrels in all did he buy?

3. What is the sum of b + b + b + etc. written eight times?

4. Express the, sum of x and y.

5. There are c boys at play, and 5 others join them. How many boys are
there in all?

6. What is the sum of x + x + x + etc. written d times?

7. A lady bought a silk dress for m dollars, a mu® for l dollars, a shawl for
v dollars, and a pair of gloves for c dollars. What was the entire cost?

8. George is x years old, Martin is y, and Morgan is z years. What is the
sum of their ages?

9. What is the sum of m taken b times?

10. If d is a whole number, what is the next larger number?

11. A boy bought a pound of butter for y cents, a pound of meat for z cents,
and a bunch of lettuce for s cents. How much did they all cost?

12. What is the next whole number larger than m?

13. What is the sum of x taken y times?

14. A merchant sold x barrels of °our one week, 40 the next week, and a
barrels the following week. How many barrels did he sell?

15. Find two numbers whose sum is 74 and whose difference is 18.


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