Algebra (Page 26)

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12. Express x to the power 2m, plus x to the power m.

13. What is the interest on x dollars for m years at 6 %?

14. In a certain school there are c girls, and three times as many boys less 8.
How many boys, and how many boys and girls together?

15. If x men can do a piece of work in 9 days, how many days would it take
1 man to perform the same work?

16. How many thirds are there in x?

17. How many ¯fths are there in b?

18. A man bought a horse for x dollars, paid 2 dollars a week for his keeping,
and received 4 dollars a week for his work. At the expiration of a weeks
he sold him for m dollars. How much did he gain?

19. James has a walnuts, John twice as many less 8, and Joseph three times
as many as James and John less 7. How many have all together?


5. ILLUS. a ÷ b, x/y

Division is expressed by the division sign, and by writing the
numbers in the fractional form.

Exercise 13.

1. Express ¯ve times a divided by three times c.

2. How many dollars in y cents?

3. How many books at a dimes each can be bought for x dimes?

4. How many days will a man be required to work for m dollars if he receive
y dollars a day?

5. x dollars were given for b barrels of °our. What was the cost per barrel?

6. Express a plus b, divided by c.

7. Express a, plus b divided by c.

8. A man had a sons and half as many daughters. How many children had

9. If the number of minutes in an hour be represented by x, what will express
the number of seconds in 5 hours?


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