Electricity is not a man made phenomena. Electricity has always existed and always will exist. Everything is dependent on electricity. Without electricitythere is nothing. Typically when we think of electricity we think of electronics. How often do we associate electricity with life?

Without electricity there would be no life. Biological systems cannot function in the absence of electricity. The very processes that keep us alive, the beating of our heart, extraction of oxygen via pulmonary processes, brain signals, action potentials, etc., would all come to a grinding halt without the flow of electrons. In fact, when these involuntary organic processes malfunction or cease to function, we use medical devices whose primary function is to re-generate and supply electricity to the critical processes that support life.

Research into bioelectric systems for the purpose of providing “An Alternate to Needles, Drugs, and Surgery” deserves more attention, in my opinion. If the electrical processes of the body can be stimulated or even slightly altered in a manner that would provide the necessary repair or relief without invasive surgery, perhaps “self healing” agents could be prepared and sold. Or maybe as data communications become more mature, algorithmic solutions to electrical problems within the human body could be sent across the Internet. Some sort of bio-repair program could be the next most popular app delivered to millions of smartphones throughout the globe.

We see computers and electronics playing an ever increasing and important role in the automotive industry. Engines are moving in the direction of solid state processes that simply need to be plugged into a computer for both analysis and repair. An analysis, and subsequent adjustment, of the electrical behavior of the engine can be done without opening the hood of a car.

As we progress in our understanding of biological electricity, it may be that when an ailment arises, we just need to plug a device into our nervous system, collect some data, and make some kind of adjustment to the biochemical and bio-electric processes of the body. This is, of course, an oversimplification of the matter. For more fascinating information about these developments, including the emerging telemedicine discipline, see these resources:

Bioelectricity Resources

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