How to Eliminate the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

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How to Eliminate the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Many audible voices have expressed their desire to eradicate or supplant the IRS. However, I’ve never heard anyone provide a procedure detailing how to eliminate or supersede the IRS. As any tax lawyer knows, the IRS is a bloated beast of gratuitous complexity. To overhaul or annihilate such a powerful entity, a very specific plan must be developed.

The IRS exploits, I mean employs, many people. I am not interested in expanding the unemployment rate. I believe that with an appropriately precise and detailed plan, we can move beyond the convolution known as the IRS and provide those currently employed by the IRS with a superior work environment. Job destruction will not be a concern if a well thought out plan is in place.

So, in what manner should we proceed? It seems peculiar that proposals to eliminate or replace the IRS have been void of any advice suggesting where to begin. Having said that, I will not present any detailed arrangement here. However, feel free to share your comments below, and, perhaps, together, we can manufacture a sensible solution.

As intellect infuses ideas to your mind, be aware that prevailing policies and methodologies cannot be replaced immediately. Elements of the detailed plan must incorporate specific guidance explaining how to effect a smooth transition.

Also, keep in mind that with any radical transmutation, there will invariably be vigorous resistance. Resistance will give way to acceptance if a unique and superior plan shows people a promising path to the future.

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IRS resources

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