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Mathematical Formula series. Graphic composition of mathematical formulas and design elements in perspective to serve as complimentary design for subject of business, science, education and technology //

The daily quiz is no longer available. If you liked the quiz and would like to see it again, please comment below or refer to our contact page.
Going forward, this page will be devoted to mathematics.

8 thoughts on “Mathematics

  1. Hi, I was disappointed to find the daily quiz was no longer available here. I was actually looking forward to using my brain this morning!
    However I would just like to take a moment to comment on your site as I think it is a very interesting and informative topic which is well presented. Well done to you!
    Cheers, KRis


    1. Thank you. Time constraints have left the quiz unavailable. Perhaps, I’ll code an automated quiz generator if time permits. :)


  2. Hey Doug,
    Very interesting! Math was really not my forte in school. School being over 20 years ago LOL. I got 3 out of 5 from your quiz, I think 60% is not that bad huh? And I really thought of it, even pulling out a pen and paper. It’s nice that you are polishing your readers mind with these quizes. You must be a Math whiz yourself. I can’t wait for your Trivia page to be up. Your Random Science questions… wow! I feel so stupid not knowing one answer… Caesium-133 is an element of the periodic table? And I thought i’m good at Science. Very cool site, I shall point my brother to it.
    You must be related to Sheldon Cooper. I love the guy.


  3. Cool website idea!!! There was no data on this page however. I like your theme, and design. You should get a image header for your website name. Also had some load time probs…Not sure if thats from an ad or heavy html/css. Should probably get a site icon as well..Overall nice website and design.


  4. Man i scored 40% in the quiz, its been too long I actually thought about Mathematics.

    This was fun and your daily quiz seems to be fun activity, will come back for more!

    Just would love to see all questions on one page or in different tabs so that I can decide the sequence in which I want to go


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