USA Presidential Race

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Regarding the race for President of the United States of America.

Who is your favorite presidential candidate and why?
If you do not have a favorite candidate, who do you think should be running?

11 thoughts on “USA Presidential Race

  1. Howdy. I just hope Donald would not ‘trump’ the rest of the candidates. As a muslim, I am deeply hurt with the remarks he made.

    Further, his plan and ideas aren’t sensible to me. Personal aside, even the public including the White House spokesperson disagree with him wholly.

    I watched Obama’s final State of Union and he indirectly attacked Donald Trump. It’s ashamed because I did watched the finals in the Apprentice.


  2. When it comes to president, one says they’d have to be born in the USA I’m sure. What I’m questioning is how John McCain was able to run for president in 2008 (he was born on Panama, though that was US territory at the time) and as for Ted Cruz, he was born in Alberta, Canada. Wouldn’t this even disqualify him? Funny cuz Alberta is also a conservative province of Canada, though Westminster conservatives and Republican conservatives are almost like night and day.


  3. Well, I’m neither a Republican or Democrat, I’m a Libertarian-Conservative (or center-right). I’d be stoked if I saw a Libertarian candidate, I’m kinda getting sick of this two-party system because both Republicans and Democrats have some really troubling policies. For example, Republicans wanna re-inforce prayer in schools? Really? DEmorats wanna ban guns and make self-defense impossible. Other parties need to be given a chance, Libertarians have the best balance of both beliefs.


  4. Oh, I didn’t get it. Is it a sort of discussion article or so? Please, make it obvious if possible, because there are few people who can get it. Also update it periodically, because there are so many events! You can even make a sort of a poll, it will be easier to promote, because there are not a big number of people who wants to deanonimize themselves at any site Best wishes


    1. Hi Dzmitry. Thanks for the excellent advice. Making the site interactive with a poll is a great idea. I’ll post some updates as well. Thanks again for the feedback. I really do appreciate it.


  5. Hey there Doug, a very interesting website you built, quite a controversial topic as your niche lol. Politics to me is somewhat like the subject of religion, there are so many views for so many reasons and arguments never die or are won. I myself am not a strong political supporter or commentator.


    1. Hi Elliedan. Thank you so much for your comment. I posted this out of curiosity. Just want to see what people think about the current USA presidential race. Thanks again for commenting. Have a great weekend!


  6. Hi Electrobot,
    I’m not U.S citizen. So I think I’m not have a right to answer and give comments.Just to say that your site look very simple and pretty cool. I think I learned something in your website. Thank you Electrobot. Simple site not just mentioned nothing but something….And I hope you always success in your future


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